Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Walmart Online Shopping

Miley Cyrus & Max Azria Clothing Line, Party In the USA

There has been so many reasons to do Walmart Online Shopping, but now there is another reason: the new Miley Cyrus Clothing Line.  As you find in this video, the new song, Party In The USA, was released in conjunction with the Walmart advertising campaign, which you can also purchase with your Walmart Online Shopping.

Why I love Walmart Online Shopping

In 2009, I had some really bad in-store shopping experiences with my youngest two children who live with autism.  Those experiences led me to Walmart online shopping for our Christmas shopping that year.  There is nothing as calm and peaceful as doing your shopping late at night, after putting the kids in bed, in your jammies.  I just can't express how relieved I was that I could do Walmart online shopping, enabling me to shop at my favorite, inexpensive store in the convenience of my home.  Also, for now I live just 2 miles from our local Walmart superstore, but I have family that live 2 hours from the closest Walmart and for them this Walmart online shopping is a great way to save money by being able to do all your Walmart online shopping from home and save gas and time while still being able to get that great Walmart pricing.  And, yes, they even have the all-important clearance section.

How to beat the weather

This winter it seems like all of the US has had some rather unusual and severe weather compared to most years.  I think that if you live in the northern US with lots of snow and cold, Walmart online shopping would be the perfect solution to having to warm up the car, shovel the driveway, scrape the windows clean, bundle up all the kids, plod through the snow and cold, and drive the precarious roads just to go shopping for your basic needs.  Online shopping is one of the greatest marks of progress for the modern family, in my humble opinion.  I also love places like and  There are so many places to shop online but I have to say that it is hard to beat the prices of Walmart online shopping.

Is it worth the cost of shipping?

If you take into account the cost of your gas and your time and the stress involved in actually packing up everyone to head to the store, plus the extra items your kids will force you to buy because they know how much you hate it when they whine, Walmart online shopping will definitely be worth paying the cost of shipping.

Walmart Online Shopping items you won't find in the stores

Another perk for doing Walmart online shopping is that they have many items that are not available in stores as well as being able to find the size that you need that your local Walmart seems to always run out of before you can buy yours.  Check out Walmart online shopping and give me your comments on your experiences.